Flowers activate skin vitality

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Rose  activate skin vitality (1)


Rose has anti-oxidation, moisturizing, whitening effectiveness, and even breast effect. In the extraction of rose oil distillation process, the water generated by Rose has even been recognized as the most natural toner, Turkish women always use it for skin care after the Turkish steam bath.

Chamomile activate skin vitality (2)


The main feature of Chamomile is moderate, it has anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, comfort, repair, clean, Renew, anti-allergy and other effects. Since ancient times, it was as a herb plant, in addition to tea drinking and harmaceuticals, it is the perfect soothing anti-allergy, and dry skin to relieve discomfort after-sun ingredients.

Strawflower activate skin vitality (3)


Strawflower has anti-aging effects, it never aging and wither, even being picked off as well.

Neroli  activate skin vitality (4)


Neroli has smooth shock, reduce pressure and against the skin aging effects. Pleasant fragrance can revive and refresh, to ease anxiety, is the best partner at work.

Calendula activate skin vitality (5)


Calendula can be used for sterilization, wound closure, treat inflammation, acne and large pores, to prevent the scar production. Calendula can also calm the skin, improving the sensitivity of skin to promote skin metabolism. Especially for dry skin, there is a high degree of moisture effects.

Hamamelis activate skin vitality (6)


Witch Hazel has a bactericidal effect, in particular the convergence effect has long been recognized as the best. For the coarse pores and oily skin aging users, it is the best choice. Hamamelis for the convergence of the skin effect, has long been Europe and the United States refining industry as an important component of pharmaceutical skin. It tastes light and elegant, to skin inflammation, sedation, skin-firming effect is very good.

Lavender activate skin vitality (7)


Lavender has strong repair function, it can effectively activate the aged cells, enhance skin elasticity, calm tired skin, leaves skin fresh and comfortable.

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