Four economic and affordable beauty methods

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In daily life, some common food, medicines, can be used to skin care, and some very simple, but they are very useful indeed, ladies may wish to reference.

Four economic and affordable beauty methods (1)

1, Wash your face with sugar, anti-acne

Ingredients: sugar

Methods: After washing the face with a cleanser, and then some white sugar on the palm of your hand, add a little water rubbed (to prevent too much stimulation of allergies), and then rub on the face wash, a minute or so to clean with water.

Every day, add some water with sugar to wash three times a week can feel the face becomes smooth and soft white, and hang in there will be very effective on acne.

Four economic and affordable beauty methods (2)

2, Beer pores shrink mask

Ingredients: beer, medical cotton

Method: Take a clean small bowl, pour beer, the medical cotton cloth dipped about 3 minutes. Then remove the cotton, micro screw, apply to face. Makes the facial muscles relax, continuing half an hour. If the water is absorbed in the yarn can then soak, then apply. Hops in beer is a refreshing agent, with prevention of pimples, pustules and other effects on the narrow pores effective

Four economic and affordable beauty methods (3)

3, Aspirin Mask

Ingredients: 5-6 aspirin tablets, water

Practices :5-6 aspirin tablets with a rolling pin twisted into fine powder, then add a spoonful of water to reconcile. Use a cotton bandage coated aspirin solution, rub the face, wait 20-30 minutes, rinse off.

Note that aspirin tablets should be ground very fine, or rubbed on the face will feel pain. In order to prevent allergies, before use, they may first try in the ears back, see if you fit it. After done, we should pay attention to moisture

Four economic and affordable beauty methods (4)

4, Super Simple VC whitening mask

Raw materials: a compressed facial mask, mineral water, a small bowl, vitamin C amount, about 500mg. If you took the trouble, use lemonade instead of mineral water, the effect is better.

Approach: as long as the vitamin C crushed, dissolved into the mineral water, and then prepared compressed facial mask soaked in water inside the hair up on it.

Doing, be sure to wash clean, because vitamin C may not be completely melted, if left in the face, then the skin will become yellow, so do not forget to wash out.

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