The potential danger of DIY beauty

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Many women have the experience of DIY beauty, they use the veggie & fruit to make beauty mask. They think that the natureal beauty products are more safer. But the experts tell you that you had better be careful with the skin killer  hidden in the DIY materials. The potential danger of DIY beauty

Aloe vera, cucumber — although they are anti-inflammatory or a whitening effect, but because of them also contain irritating substances and photosensitive materials, may cause skin allergies.

The potential danger of DIY beauty Lemon – well, rich in vitamin C, but the excess VC would corrode skin. In many countries, more than 7% pure VC in cosmetics is forbidden.

The potential danger of DIY beauty Egg white – to be careful inside the residual micro-organisms, would pollute or infect your skin.

26939764 Honey — a good nourishing ingredients of Chinese prescription medicine, but for those with acne, there is inflammation of the skin or a wound must be very careful, the sugar in honey will make the symptoms intensified.

The potential danger of DIY beauty Wash rice water — in the movie "Memoirs of a Geisha", Geisha wash face with wash rice water for whiten. This is the grandma’s favorite skin care tip. Wash rice water containing generally known as enzymes, our grandmother used it to maintain skin and even washing dishes and water the flowers, have a good effect. But some people will produce an allergic reaction to ester acid composition, feel pruritic. So wash rice water is not too gently as you think.

The potential danger of DIY beauty The production of cosmetics is a process of fine chemisty. Only the components have effect on skin are extracted by sophisticated equipment, can be absorbed and producing results. In general, use natural fruits and vegetables, honey, pearl powder to make mask, really better to eat those food, so it is more nutrition and health!

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